Editing Selections

To edit a list of selections on a questions:

  1. Make sure form is "Unpublished" so that you can edit it.
  2. Click "Edit Question" on the question with the list you'd like to make a change to.
  3. Click "Edit Selections"
  4. Make your changes to the list (add, remove, edit)
    • Abbr: An abbreviation of the answer. Set an abbreviation if your user's are viewing the form on the iPhone or if they are familiar with an already existing abbreviated format on your forms.
    • Answer: The answer you want available from the list of choices.
    • Priority: Choose the level of priority you want associated with the answer.
    • Text Color: The color you want the text of the answer to display as.
    • Score: For more complicated answers, you may want to have a scoring system. For example, an answer of "Yes" may give the question 5 points, but an answer of "No" may give 0 points.
    • Default: The option that the answer should default to during auto-complete.

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