RFID Scanners

NOTE:  InspectAll no longer offers RFID scanning peripherals; however, we maintain support for our existing customers with the following device.

InspectAll Scanner

  • Pairing - It simply plugs in to the audio jack, no pairing necessary
  • Integration & Maintenance - We developed it, so we'll maintain the code as we upgrade our app!  It works directly with our app!
  • RFID Standards - The scanner supports HF ISO14443A & ISO15693 (the two RFID types primarily used in industrial application)
  • Additional protocols supported: S50,S70, Ultralight
  • 13.56MHz RF Operating Frequency
  • Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ +50°C
  • Dimension: 55 × 33 × 10 mm
  • Micro USB for battery charging.
  • 3.7V 95MAh Battery (thousands of scans between charging)
  • Weight: 10g

Additional Notes:

  • For first time use charge the battery for 1 hour.
  • Data communication is over audio jack, please adjust audio and microphone to maximum volume.

Just email us at  support@inspectall.com if you have additional questions.

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