InspectAll RFID Audio Jack Scanner

This document outlines how to use the InspectAll RFID Scanner.  If you'd like more information on our scanner  read here.  If you'd like to purchase some email The scanners can be purchased for $250 each.


Before you use the scanner in the InspectAll App, there are a few steps you must take to enable it:

Make sure you're on the latest version of the app from the App Store

Enable the RFID Scanner under Settings: On your device go to the Settings App -> InspectAll -> Turn On "Enable RFID"

Plug in the RFID Scanner fully into the audio jack of the device.
Turn the volume all the way up to max volume

Now that you've enabled RFID you'll see a special RFID Button wherever you can perform a scan:

Touch the backside of the scanner up to the RFID Tag and tap the scan button (HF RFID reading takes place within millimeters). A brief red indicator on the scanner will blink when the scan takes place. If successful the tag's ID will read into the textfield you're scanning

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