8/01/2018 - RFID Reader Support

InspectAll has supported RFID since the beginning.  There are still a few standard uses in General Industry that make use of RFID tags.  While we ended support for a now obsolete tag reader a few months back, we're happy to tell you we've tested a new reader that works well within our app.  Below is a link to the reader for those of you still working with RFID.  As we grow and technology progress we'll keep on the leading edge to keep you Inspecting safely and productively!

Note: If you have any scanners you use and would like to recommend them, please send them our way and we'll give them a try!  We've seen this product on and off Amazon, but the reviews have been positive and we've had good experiences in our tests.  It also support most of the Industrial ISO standards (as opposed to stock readers on Android Phones)  Below is the manufacturer link:


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