Priority Roll Over from the Website


The Priority Roll-over feature was developed for InspectAll clients who want to see priorities identified on the last inspection of a specific type, when filling out a new form.  While the mobile priority roll-over is asset specific, the web roll over allows schedulers to roll over issues found on the last inspection for any folder to the new folder so that the mobile user can see it as a reference when they start the new inspection form.

For assets, you can also pull an Asset History report on the web, Android, or iOS mobile app to see previous priorities for an asset.

Here's how it works:

The Web version of priority roll over is FOLDER SPECIFIC.  It allows a web or admin user to copy an existing folder and roll over all priorities found within that folder to the new folder.

As an example, you send a technician out to do an annual inspection on an overhead crane, and there was a priority identified on the hoist the last time someone completed that annual inspection, the priority roll-over feature allows the web user to roll those priorities found on the hoist on the last annual inspection over to the new folder/forms so the mobile user can see what happened last time.

To roll over all priorities from a previous folder follow these steps:

- Add Folder

- When you see the option to "Create new" or "Copy Existing", choose "Copy Existing"

- Enter the Folder ID of the folder you want to copy.  And select that folder.

- Check the box that reads, "Bring over any priorities found in this folder to the new folder"

- Make any adjustments to the schedule.

- Click "Create Folder"


  •       Priority Roll-Over is currently available on the website to roll over questions marked with a priority for an entire folder, OR from iOS (Apple mobile devices) to roll over individual priorities, or all priorities on an asset tracking form, specific to the asset and not the folder.  More information on the mobile option can be found here.
  •       From the Apple mobile app, it requires internet access or cellular signal to work, as it is pulling real time information.
  •       For assets, it is form and asset specific.  If a priority was identified on an asset, then a new form of that same type will show previously identified priorities regardless of the folder it is added to.  This feature is currently only available from Apple mobile devices. (For instance, from one annual inspection to the next).
  •       For non-asset forms, it is account/folder specific as well as form specific.  If you copy a folder for an account, you can choose to roll over the priorities from the last inspection.  And the copy feature will bring all priorities in the last folder into the new folder.
  •       Only UN-RESOLVED priorities will roll over.  If a priority has been marked resolved anywhere on the web or mobile app, it will not roll over.
  •       You can choose to add this feature to your account.  If you do, all mobile and web users will have access.
  •       Contact us at to have the feature added to your account, or if you have additional questions.

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