What is included in my free trial?

InspectAll offers a limited free-trial for qualified accounts. The purpose of the free trial is to allow you to evaluate the features of InspectAll before you subscribe.

You trial includes:

  • Sample Data and Forms. You can delete sample data or start a new trial.
  • Administrator privileges. The person who signed up for the trial will automatically become the administrator. You can add another administrator when you add more users.
  • Access to the InspectAll Mobile App for your mobile device.
  • Access to the InspectAll Web App for your computer.
  • A variety of InspectAll features.
  • The ability to subscribe to InspectAll.

Your trial does not include:

  • One-on-one training with our support staff.
  • Custom reports or forms built by our support staff.
  • Integration with salesforce.com.
  • Access to the InspectAll API.


  • If you set up multiple users in your trial and later choose to purchase a block of users that does not cover all of your users, the users without a license will be deactivated in the order that they were added.
  • If you fail to convert a trial account to a paid account at the end of your trial period, any data or setup that you have entered may be deleted without your notice.
  • Free Trials are governed by the InspectAll Master Subscription Agreement.

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