Create a Form Template & Video


Forms are generally created just like the assessments, audits, inspections, and checklists that are already being used by your company. Forms will be added to folders and scheduled to, or added by, your mobile users to fill out. They will be the source of all of the valuable information that will be converted into reports.  Here's a quick video and some instructions on how to get started:

InspectAll Form Builder Intro from The InspectAll Team on Vimeo.

Create a Form

  1. Click (Your Name) > Form Builder
  2. Click Add Form Template.
  3. Select the category and class (or add new ones) you'd like the form to be categorized in.
  4. Give your form a name and enter any instructions for the form.
  5. Select whether you want the form to be Unpublished or Published. Publishing a form will make the form visible too all of your users.
  6. Select the type of report you want for the form template (if different from InspectAll's standard).
  7. Select Asset Tracking if the form will be used to track an asset.
  8. Select the teams you would like to have access to the form.
  9. Click Create Form TemplateCreate a New Form

Form Template Fields

  • Category: The category the form will be within. (Required)
  • Class: The class the form will be within. Make sure to select a class that has Asset Tracking on if you want your form to be performed on an asset. (Required)
  • Name: The name of the form that you want to be printed at the top of your forms and reports. (Required, 100 character limit)
  • Form Instructions: Add instructions for users to read when they fill out the form. (Optional, 500 character limit)
  • Default Report: Select the report layout that you would like to be used when downloading the form report. (Required)
  • Status: Whether you want the form to be published or unpublished to all users. By default, it will begin unpublished until you're ready. (Required)
  • Track Assets: Check this box if the form will be used multiple times per asset within the same folder. (Required)
  • Allow Duplicate Forms: Check this box if the form will be used to track and/or manage an asset. By default, this option will not be selected. (Required)
  • Select Team: Select the team(s) that will be able to add the Form on the mobile App. (Required)

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