How do I create different versions of forms or questions?


Here at InspectAll, we LOVE the idea of versioning out forms or questions.  Below is a tutorial showing you how to create versions of forms and questions.

Form Versioning

Versioning out a form is easy!

  1. Go to the Forms List in Form Builder. (you must be an admin)
  2. Hover over the form you'd like to version and click the "Copy Form Template" button:
  3. Rename the new form with an optional versioned name (example: "Confidence Report V2")
  4. Now make your changes to the "V2" version of your report.  
  5. Unpublish the previous version if desired.

Question Versioning

Question versioning is similar to form versioning.  You copy the question, rename it, then delete the old one

  1. In form builder go to the question you'd like to version out.
  2. Click the "Copy Question" button

  3. After the question copies, rename it and delete the old question.  

Note: Adding a question to the form will not add that question to forms done previously. Also deleting a question will not remove it from previous forms done previously. All new forms created will use the new question created from the "Copy"

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