What's the difference between the web and mobile apps?

The Web App is used to build forms, organize your InspectAll accounts, manage users and teams, create workflows that will best fit your company, and schedule those workflows to the mobile user.

The Mobile App is then used to execute those workflows and use the forms created to collect data.

Once that information is collected on the Mobile App, the Web App can be used to translate that data into meaningful reports that can be used to create better workflows, deal with important issues, and assure your customers that everything is being attended to.

Read about user roles to learn more about how the Web App and the Mobile App differ.

On the Web App

  • View account activity on the dashboard
  • Access the calendar to view all users' schedules and schedule folders
  • Add and view all accounts and download reports
  • Add and view all folders and download reports
  • Add and view all assets and download reports
  • Add and view company insights
  • Add email notifications
  • Fill out forms

On the Mobile

  • View folders that are scheduled to you
  • Add folder types you have team permissions for
  • Add forms and assets you have team permissions for
  • Work on accounts you have team permissions for
  • Share work with members of your team
  • Fill out forms
  • Download and email reports for forms, assets, and folders you have worked on

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