Professional Services

We're happy to offer the following professional services for those needing additional help or resources beyond what's covered in your subscription:

Service Description Price
Custom Report A custom report is designed and developed from the ground up to your specifications.  If you have a specific report that you currently use, just send us the PDF/Doc/Excel and we'll match it perfectly.  Or perhaps you've sketched out something on a napkin; we'll help you bring that idea to product with our custom report service. From $2,000/Report
Branched Report A branched report is where you take one of our out-of-the-box reports and want to make small changes to it beyond what's available as setting changes.  We'll branch off this reports code, make the changes requested and give only your account access to it. From $1,000/Report
Premium Support If you require additional support or training after your initial flex hours have expired, we offer this service in four hour blocks.  Premium support can include training for new users and non-development related form, folder, and set up assistance. $500/Block
Form Build If you have a form you're using just send it to us (pdf, doc, excel...) and we'll build out the form template for you.  Of course you can easily do this yourself in our Form Builder, but we've built thousands of forms and can optimize the design of the questions which will allow you to get the most out of InspectAll. From $300/Form
Imports Data imports (Accounts, Locations, and Assets) are usually performed during your initial account set up and is included in the Professional Set Up package.  If you need additional imports after your initial set up, we offer that service for any details you can include on our import template.  From $1,000/Import
Custom Development Sometimes you may need a service or have a request which requires an engineer's time.  These are offered up in 4 hour blocks. $800/Block
Device Recovery iPads/iPhones are simply computers and as such there is a small chance the local storage on the device can become corrupted (extremely rare... as in only twice in the last 5 years across thousands of devices).  But we've had success plugging the device into our development environment and loading a new binary which allowed the data to sync.  Sometimes we have to dive into the database to recover any data.  Basically we'll give it our best shot.  Just ship us the unlocked device and we'll take a crack at it.


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