5/25/2016 - Improved Form Progress View

We're finishing up our 5.1 update and wanted to show a quick preview of our new form progress view.

Our old progress view used a combination of colors, progress ratios, and a complete stamp to give you an idea of what's been done on the form.  This view worked and provided valuable information but took longer than a glance to understand what was going on with the form.  We felt there was a better way to convey a forms progress.

Our new view below is much more clear.  Notice you have the progress ratio as before but additionally there is a progress bar to give you instant visual feedback of progress.  We've now broken up the priorities by high, med, low.  When all priorities have been resolved the priority will gray out.  We've replaced the check stamp with a green mask when the form has been marked complete.

This new view allows you to quickly glance at the bottom of the form and see it's status immediately in one location.  Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for this update.

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