6/15/2016 - Join our Time beta group

Releasing this summer in limited  Beta, InspectAll will feature a completely new Time management module.  InspectAll's time system is integrated into the InspectAll App and Web and will be seamless if you're used to working in the system.  

To join the limited  Beta, please contact our support team to have the module turned on during the preview once it releases.  Time is great if you're:

A service company that tracks time on orders with timesheets. You'll be able to see your time history on Folders, connect to your billing system via the InspectAll API, and even export your time records to your payroll system
A safety and consulting services companies that wants to track hours worked on Folders. This can be great for showing cost savings to clients and other details about work performed.
Anyone that current uses a time card system that needs an automated clocking system.

After the   Beta Preview, the Time module will be priced at an additional cost per user per month.  Here's a brief outline of some of the new features coming soon.

Mobile Time Features

Users will be able to Clock-In and Out on a Punch Card that will automatically calculate total time worked.  Users are also able to add a break, a break duration, set a time category, associate time to a folder, and enter a note on the time event - all within the Punch Card and the InspectAll App and Calendar function.

In addition to the Punch Card, users will be able to view their Time history on the mobile - making it easy to keep track of their previous Clock-In and Clock-Out events 

User Time Features

Review Features

Administrators will be able to review all Time and Punch Card activity for their company, plot the activity on a map, and update records appropriately.  Time details are totaled and exportable from an easy to use Time grid.  Administrators can easily filter Time records based on Teams, Categories of Time, Date Range, and User.  All filtered results are easily exportable.

Administrators have the ability to Add, Update, and Delete Time records.  All time activity is logged on the Time event.

Administrative Features

In addition to review, Administrators have the same flexibility to customize the Time feature within the Admin area for their Account.  Time will come out of the box with Time Categories for Billable and Non-Billable Time.  Time will also come out of the box with three (3) Break options of 15, 30, and 60 minutes. and Break options.  

Use this Admin area to quickly configure any number of Categories or Break Options with a few clicks and your changes will propagate immediately.


In addition to these core features, InspectAll will be developing a few key exports along with a fully documented API and Webhooks for Time data to integrate into certain third-party payroll services companies.  Contact our support team to join the limited  Beta and help us make this a great feature for your company!

NOTE:  We've decided to release Time in limited  Beta because we want feedback from our early adopters to help customize the feature to make it usable to everyone.  While we can't guarantee that we'll implement every suggestion, we will do our best to incorporate great ideas that make the system better for everyone!

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