7/19/2016 - iOS 6.0 Release Notes

We just released version 6.0 of our InspectAll mobile app!  Some noteworthy features and improvements:

  • Overhauled barcode scanner - The app uses the devices camera to scan barcodes.  Our old code held up well over the years but had some performance and stability issues recently.  We've since overhauled and simplified the scanner to be quicker and MUCH more stable.
  • Time Beta - This version of our software is capable of capturing a users time (punch-in/out).  Once we turn the feature on... which we'll be doing for our select early adopters soon.
  • Other stability and performance improvements!

* One additional note, this version made some changes to the settings which caused the "Pics to Camera Roll" setting to be reset.  If you were using that setting, please double check that it is still on after the update as there have been some reports of it not persisting after the update.

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