9/27/2016 - iOS 6.X Release Notes

We're constantly refining and adding new features to the InspectAll App.  Here are some of the updates we've had since releasing iOS 6.0:

There are 2 new settings for the InspectAll app.  Just go to Settings -> InspectAll:

  • Start Each Form Collapsed
    • Turn this on if you would like every form to begin with each section collapsed.  This can be helpful if you have a form with many long sections that you need to navigate through.
  • Alert if punched in longer than:
    • If you capture time using InspectAll (Clock-In/Out), this setting will alert you if you've been clocked in longer than the number of hours you specify.  This can remind you to clock out if you've forgotten.

We've also fixed and enhanced a number of visual elements and optimized the app for iOS 10!

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