1/11/2017 - New Priority Download on Web!

A New Priorities Download feature has just been added to InspectAll!

Now you can download a report by Account, Folder, or Asset right into Excel Format so you can quickly see where you have outstanding issues.

Here’s how to use it…

Go into any Folder, Asset, or Account from the InspectAll website, and click on the Priorities icon.


Now you will see a download button at the top right of the priorities list. 

Click this icon to download an Excel version of all priorities identified within the Account, Asset, or Folder.  

Prior to downloading, you can use the Sort and Filter tools to choose what information you want to see in the report.

Sort by priority level or date, or date resolved.  Filter by priority level and status by clicking on the "Search" button or making your selections on the left hand side (on the main Priorities Tab).  Choose to see only "Unresolved" or "Resolved" priorities, or deselect these options to see all priorities.  

Any of these sorts or filters that you apply prior to downloading the report will customize what you see on the downloaded Excel Report.

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