4/19/2017 - Android Beta Test

Welcome adventurous one!

We've completed an invite only beta of the InspectAll app for Android and are now making the beta version available for general testing.  So if you have an Android device and want to give it a whirl, follow the steps below to join:

This document outlines the steps required to become a beta tester of our new Android App!  Keep in mind our Android App is in early Beta and WILL contain bugs which could crash the app and possibly cause some loss of inspection data.  We'd appreciate any feedback or bug reporting by simply emailing support@inspectall.com.  With that being said, here's how to join our Beta group :)

Note: The app only runs on Android devices running Marshmallow and higher (6+)

Follow the link below from your Android device and click "BECOME A TESTER":
Now tap "Download the InspectAll app on Google Play:
You will now be taken to our page on the google play store.  Just install as you would any other app and be sure you're setup for automatic updates!

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