Question Files Offline Sync

Question files can be added as resources on a form (think photos or schematics to help you on your inspection).  By default these files are not stored for offline access on a device.  If you'd like to access these files offline, just turn on the feature:

Turn on the Feature

Go into the Settings on your mobile device from within the InspectAll app, and click on the “Question Files Offline” option.  

Note, by enabling this feature, it will download every file that you have set up as a resource on your forms.  Allowing this download will take up some space on your device, so only turn this setting on if it’s absolutely necessary.

Ensure you are on Wi-Fi or cell signal when enabling this setting.

Cache Files

Files are automatically downloaded after a normal sync.  So there's nothing else you need to do.  It just works.

Viewing Status

You can check the status of the pictures by tapping on the settings row (the row, not the setting switch) “Question Files Offline”.  You will see a list of all cached files available on your forms.  You can optionally click on the Refresh icon at the top right to kickstart the caching process or just wait until the next time you sync.  Again, the feature just works and you don't need to do anymore than just turn the feature on.

A check mark will appear beside each file as the download is completed.   

Once all files have been cached (have check marks beside them), they will be available to view from the app, even when you are offline. 

Deleting Cache

If you turn the setting off, it will delete the cached files and the app will go back to the old way of pulling down the files on demand.  If you turn the feature back on, then they will all download again.

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