Download a Form Report


Downloading a form report will generate a breakdown of the information you have gathered in a single form. Form reports are a great way to to provide information about a specific job.

Download a Form Report

Mobile Instructions

  1. Select the folder that contains the form where want to download the report.
  2. Tap the Form you want to fetch a report of.
  3. Tap Share at the top of the screen. (For iPad screens, this button will be located at the top of the left side panel.
  4. Tap Download Report
  5. Wait while changes are synchronized and the report is generated on InspectAll’s servers.
  6. Tap Share at the top of the report to email, save, or print the form report.

Download Form Report Mobile

Web Instructions

  1. Click into the form you want to download from anywhere in the app.
  2. Click Download Report above the form.
  3. Follow your browser's prompts to open or save the document.

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