Prioritize Your Findings


Priorities highlight things that are good, and draw attention to things that need attention. Every question has an area where you can select the priority of your answer. The available choices are






Once a priority has been selected, you can use the text box to suggest ways to resolve the priority. Many graphs, tables, and reports from InspectAll are calculated based on the priority selected.

If a question has a priority of Low, Medium, or High, an area will appear below the priority that allows you to resolve the priority. You can use the text box to explain the steps you took to resolve the priority.

Mobile Instructions

Set a Priority

  1. Tap into the Form.
  2. Tap the question you want to set the priority of.
  3. Below the comment field, select one of the following priorities: NA, Good, Low, Medium, or High.
  4. Below the priority area, assign the priority to a user (optional).
  5. Assign a due date for the priority to be resolved.

Resolve a Priority

  1. Tap into the Form.
  2. Tap a question with a Low, Medium, or High priority.
  3. Below the priority area, tap Resolve Priority.
  4. Enter any comments about the resolution by typing in the area at the bottom of the screen.

Web Instructions

Mark Question Resolved.

Whenever a question has a priority of High, Medium, or Low, an area allowing you to Resolve the question automatically displays below the answer. To Resolve a Question:

  1. Enter a resolution note (optional).
  2. Click Resolve.
  3. You can always undo the resolution by clicking Unresolve.

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