Close a Folder


When you have finished with a folder, you'll want to remove it from your work flow to make way for new tasks. Folders that are Closed are considered complete or ready to be archived.

Closed folders on the mobile will be visibly marked so you can easily distiguish between all the great work you've finished, and what still needs to be done.

Close a Folder

Mobile Instructions

There are two ways to close a folder from a mobile device:

  1. Find the Folder you want to close in the app. Tap in the top right corner of the folder to close the folder.
  2. Click on the folder then click on Closed to set a specific date for the folder to be closed.


  1. The app may prompt you automatically when all forms are marked complete. It will say: All forms on this folder are complete. Would you like to mark the entire folder as "Closed"?
  2. Select Mark Closed.

Web Instructions

There are also two ways to close a folder in the webApp:

  1. Click on the Folders tab.
  2. Hover over the row of the Folder you would like to close.
  3. Click Close.

    Close a Folder Grid


  1. Click into the Folder you want to close in the web app.
  2. Click Mark as Closed if the folder is currently open.

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