Clone an Asset


Cloning an asset essentially makes a complete copy of that asset. Cloning an asset will eliminate the time wasted on adding each asset individually. For instance, if your team inspects 50 cranes, you can add one crane, enter all of the consistent information, and then clone the asset 49 times.

Most information entered into the cloned asset will be copied over to the new asset(s) including:

  • Location
  • Area
  • Asset Attributes
  • Description
  • Status
  • Urgent Note

A few things are not copied over when you clone an asset including:

  • ID1
  • ID2
  • Coordinates
  • Photo

Clone an Asset

Mobile Instructions

  1. Tap Accounts from the Main Menu of the mobile app.
  2. Tap the account the asset is in that you want to clone.
  3. Tap Assets.
  4. Tap + and select Clone an Asset.
  5. Tap + beside the asset you want to clone.
  6. Fill in the following details:
    • Number of Assets: Select the number of copies you want of the asset selected.
    • Prefix: Enter a prefix to be added to the beginning of the ID of each copied asset.
    • Serial Start: Enter the starting number you want the ID to begin counting up from.
    • Suffix: Enter a suffix to be added to the end of the ID of each copied asset.
  7. Tap Done.

Web Instructions

  1. Click Folders in the main menu.
  2. Open a Folder by clicking the folder ID or the blue arrow to the right.
  3. Add a Form with a new or existing Asset to the Folder.
  4. Hover over the Asset Form and click the Copy button.
  5. Choose New Asset in the Copy Form dialog.
  6. Create the appropriate number of new Assets and Identifier details following the options in the dialog.
  7. Click Copy Form.

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