Start Customizing InspectAll


We know how important branding and public confidence in your brand is. InspectAll provides settings that allow you to tweak your company settings and make an InspectAll all your own. Customizing reports will make them appear to customers as though they came directly from you. In your InspectAll account, you can add your logo, add disclaimers, and change report settings to reflect the information you need.

Add A Logo

Your company’s brand is it's value. Upload your logo and it will appear in the header of all of your printed reports in InspectAll. To upload a logo:

  1. Click (Your Name) > Branding within the web app.
  2. In the Branding page, move your cursor over the Photo Square and click.
  3. In your browsers file finder, select the image you want to upload as your logo.

Add a Footer

Add a custom confidentiality notice or legal disclaimer to the bottom of your reports to protect your company and your data. The custom text you add will appear in the report's footer and will be printed on every report from InspectAll.

The Footer allows for a maximum of 1,000 characters in length. To add a report footer:

  1. Click (Your Name) > Branding in the web app.
  2. In the Branding page, move your cursor over the footer section and click.
  3. Write your footer as desired.
  4. Click Save.

Add a Logo and Footer

Customize Your Reports

There are tons of powerful new features to allow you to customize the look of your reports. Check out Folder Settings to learn all of the customizations options you have in the InspectAll webApp.

In addition to all of the customizations available in folder settings, there are advanced settings we can adjust to ensure your reports will generate the data that will be most meaningful for you and your company's processes. Send us an email with the options you want from the list below:

Folder Report Options:

Show/Hide Priorities in Table of Contents
Show/Hide Answer Color (will match an answer's text color to the priority)
Show/Hide Priority Summaries
Show/Hide Incomplete Forms

Form Report Options:

Color Background Color
Show/Hide Incomplete Questions
Show/Hide Good Priorities
Show/Hide Not Applicable (NA) Priorities
Show/Hide Comments
Show/Hide Definitions
Show/Hide Resolutions
Show/Hide References
Show/Hide Photos
Inline/Bottom Photos (place photos beside question or at bottom of report)
Show/Hide Picture Per Line (Display 1-4 pictures per line. Setting for pictures set for bottom only)
Show/Hide Asset Details
Show/Hide Account Name
Show/Hide Account Address
Show/Hide Location
Show/Hide Location Address
Show/Hide Area
Show/Hide Form Instructions
Show/Hide User who Completed Form
Show/Hide Your Logo
Show/Hide Your Address
Show/Hide Your Company Name
Show/Hide Asset Photo
Show/Hide Alternate Logo
Number Asset Attributes (select the number of top asset attributes to display)

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