Can I export my Asset history?

You can view the history of your Asset by downloading the Asset History Report or looking at the Activity Log on the Asset page on the web.

Download the Asset History Report

The Asset History Report displays the relevant history for the Asset including Forms Completed, Asset Attributes, a QR Code for the Asset, and more. You can download the Asset History Report from both the web and mobile app.

Mobile Instructions (from the Account Menu)

  1. Tap Accounts from the Main Menu.
  2. Tap the account the asset is within.
  3. Tap Assets.
  4. Tap the Asset you would like to see the history for and view all of the forms that have been filled out for that asset.
  5. Tap the asset info at the top of the screen.
  6. Tap Share and select Download Report.
  7. Tap Share at the top of the report to email, save, or print the asset report.

Mobile Instructions (from within the Asset Form) currently iOS only

  1. Tap to go into the Form.
  2. Tap the Class tab under "asset details".

   3. Tap the arrow at the top right and then click on "Download Report"

Web Instructions

  1. Navigate to the individual assets tab from anywhere within the application.
  2. Click Download Report.
  3. Follow your browser's prompts to open or save the document.

View Asset History on the Web

From within the Asset File, you also have access to all the asset history in different views.

The Asset Toolbar allows you to see the following

- Asset Details (attributes)

- Forms created for that asset

- Priorities found on that asset

- All images taken on forms for that asset

- An Activity Log for that asset

The Activity Log for an Asset shows the following details for an Asset:

  • Asset Created
  • Forms Created
  • Form Completed
  • Form Marked Incomplete
  • Forms Deleted
  • Form Restored
  • Priority Identified (Low, Medium, High)
  • Priority Resolved

Web Instructions

  1. Navigate to the individual asset's page from anywhere within the application.
  2. Click on the icon to see Attributes, Forms, Priorities, images, or activity for an asset.

Note: InspectAll began logging Activities related to Assets, Forms, Folders, and Priorities in the summer of 2014. Any activity details prior to that time will not be displayed.

To have last inspection's priorities automatically rolled over to the current inspection, see our Priority Roll Over Feature as an option.

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