Mobile App Settings

Once you've started using InspectAll, you might want to update some of your personal settings in the App. You can find the settings by tapping Settings from the Main Menu. Within the settings you will be able to set the following preferences:

Login Info


This displays the email address used to login to the InspectAll ap.

Log Out

Click this button to log out of the app. Note: Logging out will cause you to lose any data entered since your last sync.

General Settings

Auto Sync

Turning Auto Sync ON will sync your data every 3 minutes (note: the device will only sync if you have WiFi or cellular connectivity). We recommend that you leave auto sync ON unless you intend to manually sync your app every time you make a change.

Turning Auto Sync OFF will not sync any changes unless you manually sync using the Sync button on the main menu.

Barcode Settings

You can select which barcode types can be scanned by your device. Most commonly used barcode types are selected by default.

Complete Alerts

Turning Complete Alerts ON means the app will ask you to mark a form or folder complete after you've filled out all required information.

Pics to Camera Roll

Turning Pics to Camera Roll ON will save all photos taken within the app to your device's personal camera roll.

Auto Progress Form

Turning Auto Progress Form ON will automatically move you to the next question on a form when a "Good" priority answer is given. This sometimes helps make form entry faster.

Database Settings

Verify Database, Delete Database & Developer Mode:

This area is used by our support team when troubleshooting potential problems on your app. You should ONLY tap these buttons upon our support team's request.

App Version

There are 2 ways you can find out which version of the app you are on:

  • Within Settings from the Main Menu, scroll to the very bottom of the Settings page where it says App Version. The number directly after this is your App Version.
  • From the main menu, tap Help & Support then Email Support. The email will contain your App Version in the signature of the email.

Any number starting with 2 (i.e. 2.2) should go download the new Version 3 application here on your device. We no longer support Version 2 of the application.

You can always update the app from the  App Store on your device.

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