Why can't I login to the mobile app?

After attempting to login to InspectAll's mobile app, pay close attention to the warning that is given. If you couldn't successfully login, there are several reasons why this could have happened.

Authentication Failed

There are several reasons why you could be seeing this message:

Your email and/or password is incorrect

Check that the email you entered matches the email used to setup your account. Also, double check the password you entered. If you can't remember your password, try resetting your password.

You do not have mobile user permissions

An administrator of your company may have removed your mobile access. If you need mobile app access restored, try logging into our web app and updating your user role.

Your login is no longer active

An administrator of your company may have set your login as inactive. Users that are made inactive can no longer login to InspectAll. Try contacting an administrator of your company internally and ask them why you are inactive.

Your login no longer exists

An administrator of your company may have deleted you as a user. Try contacting an administrator of your company internally and ask them why you were deleted.

Your company is no longer active

Your company's account may have been suspended by InspectAll due to non-payment or cancellation of services by an administrator of the company.  Contact us to resolve the status of your account.

No Internet

You may not have an active internet connection. Internet or cellphone connectivity is required in order to synchronize everyone's work from your company. Try logging in at a later time after gaining internet connectivity.

Could not connect to Sync Server

The internet connection you have connected to may have a firewall that is preventing our services from syncing. A quick way to test if this is true is to sync to an internet connection that you know has no firewall (such as your home internet or a local coffee shop).

If you determine you are behind a firewall, IT personnel will need to allow access to the following port: 2439.

Also, you may need to ask the IT personnel to whitelist the following domains:

  • s3.amazonaws.com
  • *.inspectall.com
  • *.vimeo.com
  • maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com

Synchronize Error

Sometimes an error may occur during the synchronize process required at login. Try to login again a little bit later. If the problem persists,  contact us and let us know.

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