How InspectAll Uses Barcodes

Our mobile app has the ability to read barcodes using the devices camera.  Anywhere you see the barcode icon:

Tapping the icon will bring up the camera.  Position the barcode within the camera's view and the app will automatically scan the barcode and place the result in whatever text view you were in when you brought up the scanner.

There are a few things to keep in mind about the scanner:

  • QR Codes were designed to be scanned by a camera and are by far the best barcode types to use with the app.  They can be read at further distances, under most lighting conditions, and even with some of the older devices with low quality cameras (iPad 2's).
  • 1D barcodes such as 128, 39, and UPC barcodes can be read, but work best with higher resolution cameras found on later devices (give it up if you're attempting to scan a 1D barcode with an iPad 2)
  • Go into the devices Settings app -> InspectAll -> Barcode Types -> only leave on the types of barcodes you expect to scan.  This speeds up the scanner because it won't have to search for other types of barcodes eliminated in this setting.

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