Set up QR codes for your Assets

QR Codes in InspectAll


QR Codes are a great way to easily find assets while on site.

If you tag assets with these QR codes, you will be able to walk up to the asset, click on the bar code icon (in a folder or under assets) from your mobile, and get right to the asset form you're looking for.

We've found that the easiest way to set up these barcodes for the first time, is to tag them on site.

Before you get started, you will want to assign one of the ID fields as "QR Code" for the class of assets you are tagging.  You can give the field any title, but just ensure you are using one of the two ID fields to store the information.

Print QR Codes from the InspectAll website

  • Go to the Insights Tab on the web
  • Click beside the "Assets QR Code Tag" on the "Download Reports" icon.

  • Enter in a Prefix (we recommend something that will distinguish the customer you are setting up.  For example, for the account "TLC Cranes", use "TC" as the prefix.)
  • Enter a starting and ending value in increments of 15.  Fifteen tags will print per page.
  • Click download report.  Then print the page.  

The labels are formatted to print on Avery rugged tags 6578.

Assign QR Codes to your Assets

You can pre-assign codes on the web by using ID1 or ID2 under any asset class and entering the alpha-numeric code you set up on the stickers.  But the following steps are a best practice we've seen many clients use successfully.

  • Bring your QR code stickers with you to the site
  • Before inspecting an asset, add a sticker to it.
  • Click on the ID field you are using for the QR code.
  • Click on the Bar Code icon to open your camera and scan the code

  • That's it!  Now the QR code is saved to that asset.

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