Update Asset Details


When filling out a form for an asset on the mobile, the first section of the question list will contain details about the asset. Those details can be edited and updated as you need from inside the form. You can edit all of the assets' details except the account it is in and the asset type you originally chose when creating the asset.

Update Asset Details

Mobile Instructions

  1. Tap Folder from the Main Menu.
  2. Tap the folder the asset form is in.
  3. Tap the form.
  4. Navigate to the first section of the form, Asset Details.
  5. Edit the following as desired (some fields may be hidden in the asset's class settings):
    • Photo: Click on the photo to add a photo of the asset.
    • ID1: This is used for searching the asset within our apps. (name of this field will depend on your class settings) (50 character limit)
    • ID2: This is used as a secondary identifier for the asset. (name will depend on your class settings) (50 character limit)
    • Location
    • Area
    • Coordinates: Tap here to mark the asset's coordinates as your current location.
    • Custom Attributes: Many asset's will have custom attributes depending on the type of asset class. Fill in the rest of the details asked as required.
    • Status: Select the current status of the asset.
    • Description: (100 character limit)
    • Urgent Note: Shown to user's in an urgent manner on the mobile app when viewing the asset. (500 character limit)
  6. Continue filling out the form, when finished tap Form Complete.

Edit Asset Details Mobile

Web Instructions

  1. Navigate to Assets from anywhere on the web.
  2. Select the asset you would like to edit.
  3. Click Edit in the Asset Attributes section.
  4. Update attributes as needed.
  5. Click Update Asset.

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