Asset ID Fields


Each asset class allows you to enter two searchable IDs.  These ID fields are TEXT fields, and allow for numeric, or alpha-numeric inputs.  Typically, if you are inspecting equipment, you would use a unique identifier for each field.  For instance, Field 1 may be the serial number, and field 2 the equipment ID or QR Code.  

This article will explain set up of the Asset ID fields, naming conventions, and how to search by an asset ID on the web and mobile.

Set up or Update the Field Title for Asset IDs

To update the asset ID field title, an administrator can go to Form Builder on the Admin menu.

Find the asset class for which you want to update the Asset ID fields, and click the blue pencil button beside it to "Edit Class."

In the next screen, you can rename the Asset ID Fields.

Entering Asset IDs, and Naming Conventions

When creating an asset, you will be asked for the asset ID for that asset in order to build it.  The first asset will always be required as it is a unique identifier for the asset.  The second ID field is optional.

Naming Conventions

Because the asset ID fields allow for alpha-numeric entry (like a serial number of PK9832), they are text fields.  You will want to make sure when entering these IDs, when creating your assets, that you are padding the numbers so that all IDs are the same amount of characters.

For instance, if you have an equipment number of 1 and another equipment number of 100 for a customer, ensure that the equipment number 1 is entered as 001, and not just the single digit of 1.  Padding the ID this way will allow you to sort assets by that ID and show them in numerical order in your folders and on your reports.

Search or Sort by Asset ID

You can search or sort by asset ID1 and ID2 in multiple places on both the InspectAll website as well as the mobile app.

Search On the Website

Use the general search box at the top right of every page on the website.  Start typing in the asset ID and a list of all assets will that ID will populate.  Just click on the one you want to see.

From the Assets tab, use the "Search Assets" filter on the left hand side to search by Asset ID.

Sort on the Website

SORTING by asset IDs is where the importance of the naming convention comes into play.

From within a folder, SORT by Asset ID 1 or ID 2 to see them in order.  

From the Assets Tab, click on the SORT button to sort all your assets by ID 1 or ID 2.

Sort your forms for your Folder Report by clicking on Download Report from within a folder, and selecting the "Order Forms By" option of Asset ID1 or ID2 before clicking on "Download Report."

Search on the Mobile App

Search By Account

Go to the Account option on your menu, and Select the account.  Then tap on "Assets".

From here, you can search for your asset by ID1 or ID2

Search within a Folder

From within a folder, search for the asset by ID 1 or ID 2 by typing in the ID in the search box at the top.

Sort within a Folder

You can sort your forms within by Asset ID 1 or Asset ID 2.  Just tap on "Reorder" at the top of the folder and select the field.

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