Introduction to Time

What is the time feature?

Time is a feature which allows your users to "Punch-In" and "Punch-Out" on "Time Cards". These Time Cards can be associated to Folders which can help you keep a running total of how much time was spent on that folder.  Many of our customers use the time feature to help with job costing, billing, or even payroll.

How do I turn on the time feature?

The Time feature is an add-on we must turn on for you at the moment.  It's a per user add-on to your current subscription. Contact us for more details!

How do I setup time for my account?

Time has a number of options you can customize to meet your specific needs including:

  • Categories - Each time card is given a category ie. Billable, Vacation, Warranty... whatever you'd like to separate your time cards by.
  • Break Options - Each time card can have a break duration set for it ie. 60 min, 30 min... think lunch or breaks typically logged during a work day.

What will my users see?

When you turn time on each user will see a big "Punch-In"/"Punch-Out" button in their mobile app.  Upon punching in they can choose a folder to punch-in to along with a category and a break before they punch out.  Users can also enter a specific note on that time card.  Below is a sample of what they'll see:

What will administrators see?

When time is turned on administrators in your account will have a new section called "Time" in the navigation bar of the web app as well as a new "Time Settings" menu under the admin options:

This new time section allows administrators to add, edit, export and overall manage time cards for your users:

The "Time Settings" is where you can manage your time card options such as break and category options:

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