Introduction to Time

What is the time feature?

Time is a feature which allows your users to "Punch-In" and "Punch-Out" on "Time Cards". These Time Cards can be associated to Folders which can help you keep a running total of how much time was spent on that folder.  Many of our customers use the time feature to help with job costing, billing, or even payroll.  The time feature works on iOS devices as well as the website.

How do I turn on the time feature?

The Time feature is an add-on we must turn on for you at the moment.  It's a per user add-on to your current subscription. Contact us for more details!

How do I setup time for my account?

Time has a number of options you can customize to meet your specific needs including:

  • Categories - Each time card is given a category ie. Billable, Vacation, Warranty... whatever you'd like to separate your time cards by.
  • Break Options - Each time card can have a break duration set for it ie. 60 min, 30 min... think lunch or breaks typically logged during a work day.

What will my users see?

When you turn time on each user will see a big "Punch-In"/"Punch-Out" button in their mobile app.  Upon punching in they can choose a folder to punch-in to along with a category and a break before they punch out.  Users can also enter a specific note on that time card.  Below is a sample of what they'll see:

What will administrators see?

When time is turned on administrators in your account will have a new section called "Time" in the navigation bar of the web app as well as a new "Time Settings" menu under the admin options:

This new time section allows administrators to add, edit, export and overall manage time cards for your users:

The "Time Settings" is where you can manage your time card options such as break and category options:

How do I run Reports on the Time punches?

There are two places to export time reports.  

The first is on the Time Tab (far right of the tabs, beside the "Insights" tab).  Enter your Team, User, and Date Range, then click the download button to get an Excel report. 

The second location is in your "Insights" tab.  At the bottom, there is a Time Export which allows you to download times for all users within a date range.

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