12/8/2017 - Integrate InspectAll to over 750 Apps and Services!

Many of you may know that the InspectAll platform is built on an API (Application Programming Interface).  What this means is that you have full access to all of the services, features, and functions that we use to create our mobile and web apps.  Using the API you can pull or send any data from InspectAll; allowing you to do deep integrations with whatever ERP/CRM or other line of business software you use.   Just go to our API docs to learn more.

What you may not know is that you don't have to be a programmer or have a programmer at your will to integrate easily with other systems.  That's because we've created an app on  Zapier.  Zapier is a platform that lets you easily connect and integrate many of the services out there on the web today.  Some examples of "Zaps" that you can create are:

  • When a Folder in InspectAll is marked Closed, create an Opportunity in Salesforce
  • When a new Account is created in InspectAll, create an Account in Salesforce
  • When a priority is found on this Account in InspectAll, Email me the details
  • ... The list goes on and on

To learn more about our Zapier app and integrations in general visit our  help docs on integrations.

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