Asset Omission Report


If you do asset inspections (internally or as a service), ask us about the Asset Omissions Report.

This report will show all assets for a specified team that have no inspections/forms completed since a given date. 

It's a great way to run a quick report to see if you've missed something at your facility or at your customer's facility. 

Here's how it works!

  • Go to your Insights Tab on the InspectAll website.
  • Under the "Assets" category, select the "Asset Omission Report"
  • Select a "Since Date" in the box.  The "Since Date" will indicate how far back the report looks for completed forms.  For instance, if today is November 1, 2018, and you want to see a list of any assets that haven't had a form completed in the past year, you will enter a "Since Date" of November 1, 2017.  Then you will get a report that lists all assets that HAVE NOT been inspected since November 1, 2017.
  • Next, select the team for which you want the report to populate.  Since this report is currently team based, if you are looking for data on a particular account or group of accounts, you will want to set them up with a Team (To learn more about Team Set up, click here).  If your company doesn't use teams, and all accounts are on the "All Users" default team, your report will show you all the assets not inspected since the date you input, for all accounts.  The report exports into Excel, so you can easily drop in a filter if you are looking for information for a specific account.

  • Once you've chosen your "Since Date" and the team, click "Download Report."

If you'd like it added to your account, just drop us a line at

Note:  This report is viewable in your Insights page, and only at the admin user level.

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