Reminder Report for Recurring Jobs


The Subscription Reminder Report allows you to get a report by email (at the frequency of your choice) that details upcoming jobs based on when you did them last.

For example, if you do an annual inspections, the reminder report will send you a monthly detail of all annual inspection folders you closed 11 months ago so you can prepare for this year.  The report includes the Folder Number, type, Account, Date Closed, who it was closed by, and the contact information for the account so you can call them to confirm.


This reminder report will send an email once a month detailing all folders of a selected type that were closed 11 months prior (or last month, or 3 months ago, just depending on the frequency you are looking for). 

The information will be in spreadsheet format, and the columns included are: Folder ID (hyperlinked to web), Folder Type, Account, Date Closed, what user it was closed by, and the first contact on the account (if entered).

What you need to do:

To Set up this report in your account, please provide your account rep with the following information.  Or email

- Which folder type do you want this report to be based on? (Note:  It's designed to report on annual inspections, but can also work for quarterly or monthly.  You will just need to make sure your folder types are set up with those designations)

- Do you want the report sent to you in Excel or PDF format?

- To what Admin user do you want the monthly report sent?

If you don't need any changes to the report, it is complimentary for existing clients and included with the purchase of the professional startup package for new clients. If you want any edits to format or information, the standard Professional Services pricing will apply.  See the following link for pricing details:

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