Asset Files


From the InspectAll website, you are able to attach files to an asset that are accessible from the web or iOS mobile App.  Currently, this feature is not accessible from an Android device.

Our customers use this feature to attach work orders, instruction manuals, or even best practice documents for reference on the mobile or web.

Viewing these files requires internet or cell access on an iOS mobile device.

To add files on the InspectAll website

  • Go into the asset
  • Click on the green + icon to the left hand side under the asset image
  • Clicking this icon will open up the files on your computer (the same as when you attach a file to an email, for example).
  • Select the file(s) you want to attach.  Those files will now be accessible on the website from within the asset file, as well as on the mobile

View asset files on the Apple Mobile App

From within a Form

From within an asset tracking form, click on the asset class to get into the asset details screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the asset detail screen.  If there are asset files, you will see a number beside the "Asset File" indicator.  Tap on "Asset Files" to see the files.

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