Asset History on Android App

You can download an asset's history into an Asset Report directly from the Android app from within a form or from the Account menu. 

Asset history reports will show when a form was completed on an asset, the priorities found, if they were resolved, and any comments made on questions on asset tracking forms completed for the asset in history.  

To download the asset history from within a form:

Click on "asset details"

Then click on the down arrow at the top right of the screen.

Tap on "Download report" and a PDF asset report will generate.

To download an asset history report from the Account Menu:

Go to the main menu and click on Accounts

Choose your account, then tap on "assets" to see a list of assets for that account.

Use the search field to type in the asset ID or type, or the Barcode icon to search by QR code or barcode.

Choose your asset by tapping on it, then click the down arrow, and then click to download the report

Notes:  Asset history reports can be pulled on the website, Apple, or Android applications.  Internet or cell connectivity is required to download any report.  Only forms marked "complete" will display on the history reports. 

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