As an administrator, you can access your company's billing settings to keep you company's information up to date. Inside Billing you can update your billing information, monitor how many active users you have, and link directly to support via email. How the billing page will appear to you will depend on whether you have a legacy billing or an automated billing plan.

Enter and Update Your Billing Information

Automated Billing

Companies with automated billing will be able to manage pricing, add licenses, view next month's bill, and track past payments from within the webApp. Automated billing will give you the power and flexibility to make changes to your account whenever you need them.

Edit Billing Auto

Add or Change User Licenses

  1. Click (Your Name) > Billing in the web app.
  2. Click Change Licenses.
  3. Click the up/down arrows or enter a number to adjust user licenses.
  4. View changes to Monthly Price and the Prorated License Payment.
  5. Click Purchase Licenses to complete purchase.

    Change User Licenses

Enter or Update Credit Card Information

  1. Click (Your Name) > Billing in the web app.
  2. Click Edit Billing.
  3. Update Billing Address, Name on Card, Card Number, and Expiration & CV.
  4. Click Update Billing Details to save the changes.

    Update Credit Card

Add or Update Invoice Recipient

  1. Click (Your Name) > Billing in the web app.
  2. Click Edit Email.
  3. Edit the email address.
  4. Click Update Email to save changes.

    Edit Invoice Recipient

Access Past Invoices

  1. Click (Your Name) > Billing in the web app.
  2. Scroll down to Billing History.
  3. Locate the invoice you would like to review.
  4. Click View Invoice.
  5. Click Print to print invoice.

Custom Billing

Custom billing is available to customers who would like to be invoiced annually, or are on a Legacy Billing plan. With custom billing, you will be able to update your company's billing address and contact us to add user licenses and/or switch to automated billing.

  1. Click (Your Name) > Billing in the web app.
  2. Click on the section you would like to edit, and update your company address, city, state, and zip code.
  3. Click Update Billing Details.

    Edit Billing Address

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