My Folders are missing! How do I get them back?

There are various reasons why folders can be difficult to find. Use this troubleshooting guide to figure out what happened and how to get your folders back.

Check how many days ago the folder was scheduled

If the folder was scheduled a while ago (30 days or more), then the folder may have fallen out of your sync window.

The sync window determines how many days of scheduled folders and forms will be shown in the mobile app.

Get the folder back on your mobile app

You'll have to go into the web app and schedule the folder to yourself again.

Update your schedule window

  1. Click Your Name > General Settings.
  2. Click the first box to update how many days in the past folders should show to mobile users.
  3. Click the second box to update how many days folders scheduled in the future should display to mobile users.
  4. Click Update General Settings.

Note: Updating the sync window can help you see more folders and forms in the past and future, but it can also cause delays during your initial sync (especially when not working on a WiFi connection). We suggest a sync window of 30 days before today and 30 days after today.

Check to see if you are still scheduled to the folder

An administrator may have removed the folder from your schedule in the web application or a team member may have unshared the folder with you.

See if you are scheduled to a folder

  1. Click Calendar in the web app
  2. Scroll down until you find your name. You may need to edit the calendar settings to include a team you are within.
  3. Search in the calendar to see if the folder is still scheduled to you.

Look through all of your folders, not just today's folders

The folder may just be scheduled on a different day than you expect.

See all of your folders

  1. Tap Folders from the main menu in the mobile app.
  2. Switch your view from the calendar to the grid by tapping the grid at the top of the screen.

Check to see if someone else deleted the folder

Folders are often scheduled to multiple users. This means that everyone who can see the folder is also able to delete the folder.

Ask other team members or anyone else listed as scheduled to the folder if they happened to delete the folder.

Why did InspectAll delete my folders?

It's important to note that InspectAll will never delete your folders (say, because your account was inactive). If a folder isn't where you expect it to be, then the reason is due to a change made by someone within your company.

None of this helps. I can't find the folder!

Please Contact us with a request with the exact Folder ID of the missing folder. We can search the logs for you to see if the folder ever existed in your account or if it has been recently deleted.

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