How do I customize my Folder Report?

You can customize the look and feel of your Folder Reports in three ways:

  • When Fetching a Report
  • When Editing the Folder Type Settings
  • By Changing Folder Types with Different Report Settings

You can use all three of these options to get the exact export options that you want. We even suggest using all three in combination to create a highly customized set of Reports.

Fetch a Report and Choose Options

  1. Navigate to the individual folder's page from anywhere within the application.
  2. Click Download Report.
  3. Choose the options to:
    • Order Forms By
    • Choose a File Format
    • Choose a Report Type
    • Upload the Report to Folder Files
  4. Click Download Report.
  5. Follow your browser's download prompts to open or save the document.

Edit Folder Type Settings

You can change build your own Custom Reports by updating the Folder Settings in the Admin Menu. From the Folder Settings, you'll be able to:

  • Create a custom Cover Page
  • Add a Table of Contents
  • Customize the Form Settings for your reports.

To learn more about the custom Folder Settings that are available, click here to read more about how to create, edit, and save your custom Folder Reports.

Create Multiple Folder Types with Different Report Settings

In certain circumstances, you may find it usefult to create multiple Folder Types that will be used to display the same Folder with a different output. Common scenarios for this application include the need to provide:

Option 1:
  • A simple Deficiency Report to show only Priorities
  • A comprehensive Detailed Report to show all results of Forms in the Folder
Option 2:
  • A report with Picture Icons to keep the length of reports concise
  • A report with Large Pictures to show details of observations

In order to use multiple Folder Types correctly, you'll need to create two Folder Types for the same process. Before running your Folder Report, you can change the Folder Type of the single Folder to run a specific report. Click here to learn more about Folder Settings.

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