Why can't I change the Account for my Folder?

The goal of a folder is to set up a workflow that is specific to the Account you are working on.

When you initially add a folder on the mobile, you will be required to assign that folder to an Account. The locations and areas you are able to assign to the folder will be determined by the account you have chosen, as will the forms and assets you are allowed to add to the folder. Because the locations, areas, forms, and assets you will add to a folder are Account specific, you are not able to change the Account once your folder has been created. Scheduling folders in advance will help you avoid assigning a folder to the wrong account.

Should a folder accidentally be created for the wrong account, Contact Us, we will be able to transfer the folder for you. When a folder is transferred, the following actions are taken:

  • The folder is moved to the destination Account.
  • Any Locations associated with the Folder/Forms/Assets in this Folder will be compared by name to the locations in the destination Account. If the Locations do not exist, then the location is copied to the destination Account and the objects are assigned to the newly copied Location.
  • Forms remain in the folder and are simply moved with the Folder.
  • Assets are MOVED to the destination Account IF they do not have forms in different folders than the one being transferred. If previous forms have been completed for the asset in other folders, then the asset is CLONED to the destination Account and the forms in the folder for that asset are assigned to the newly cloned asset that now exists in the destination Account.

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