Move Assets in Same Account

Moving Asset forms between Folders

You can move an asset form from one folder to another, as long as they are in the same account.  More instructions can be found here:  Move Forms between Folders

Moving Assets to Another Account

If you have created the asset in the wrong account, or have old assets that have forms completed on them, and now need them to be in a different account, that is a function we can perform for you on the back end.

To prepare for the move, create a folder (under the account in which the assets currently exist), and add a form for each of the assets you want moved.  Then Contact Us and let us know the following information:

- Account Name and Folder ID where the assets currently live

- Account Name to which you want the assets moved

When a folder is transferred, the following actions are taken:

  • Folder - Moves folder to the new customer
  • Locations - Any Locations found in the Folder/Forms/Assets in this Folder will be compared by name to the locations in the destination customer. If they don't exist, then the location is cloned over to the new customer and the objects are assigned to that newly cloned location
  • Forms - Forms remain in the folder and are simply moved with the Folder.
  • Assets (Option 1) - Clone Assets:  Assets are MOVED to the new customer IF they don't have forms in different folders than this one. If previous forms have been done on this asset in other folders, then the asset is CLONED to the new customer and the forms in this folder that are for that asset are assigned to the cloned one that now exists in the new customer.
  • Assets (Option 2) - Copy Assets:  Assets are MOVED regardless of other forms done in other folders.  This means you need to move EVERY FOLDER in this customer over without Asset Cloning to avoid inconsistencies where an asset is attached to forms in different accounts. This function will be performed when you're moving every folder in the account over (account merging)

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