Portal Overview

Portal Access

The InspectAll Portal is a feature that allows you to share all folders created in a particular Team with a non-Inspectall user.  Below are some key features of the Portal:

  • You can purchase special "Portal Licenses" by contacting support. (the feature has to be turned on for you)
  • A "Portal User" is defined as any user who's only role is set as "Portal".  If the user has any other role assigned (such as web, or mobile); that user is a full user and uses up one of your full licenses.
  • A portal user's initial password can be set by you or autogenerated. The portal user has the ability to update their password at any time.
  • When a portal user is created you can choose to email an invitation with username and password instructions to that portal user.
  • A portal user has a special login at https://portal.inspectall.com.  If they try to login to the main app, they will be redirected to the portal.
  • A portal user will have the ability to download any Folder Report (in PDF format) created under any account belonging to the team(s) assigned to that portal user.
  • A portal user has NO ability to change anything.  They are ONLY given read-only access to a list of the folders assigned to their team and download ability of the PDF reports.

The portal can be securely accessed at https://portal.inspectall.com.  Portal users can also log in  from our main app login, they will just be redirected to the portal app after authentication when the API sees that they are a portal user.

Portal Features

The features of the portal are simple to use:

  • Any folder shared with the portal user is listed from most recent to oldest
  • Basic information about the folder is displayed such as:
    • Folder Type
    • Identifier
    • Number of Forms
    • Account
    • Date created and by whom
  • Portal users can sort or search for folders.
  • Portal users can download a PDF report of the folder.

Portal Pricing

Portal pricing is simple and integrates as an add-on to your monthly billing.  Portal licenses are purchased in buckets:

Licenses Price
10 $25/month
50 $110/month
100 $200/month
500 $750/month
1000+ Contact Us

* multiple bundles may be purchased and combined.  For example you could purchase (2) 10 license bundles for a total of 20 licenses @ $50/month; or combine a 100 license bundle with a 10 license bundle for a total of 110 licenses @ $125/month.

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