Premium Customer Access Logins


While InspectAll offers Portal Licenses for your customers to see all of their completed PDF reports, we also offer Premium Customer Access licenses that allow your customers to see all their information, assets, reports, priorities, and receive notifications.
A premium customer license will be billed at the same tier as your license subscription per user.
These customer access logins allow your clients to see all things associated with their account, but no other account.  They have read only access and are not able to edit, delete, or add information.  They will be able to run reports on their assets, job folders, and forms, as well as download asset lists.

Dashboard Visibility

Only shows activity relating to their account

Asset Visibility

Allows your customers to see a complete list of their assets, download a list, see important asset information like priorities identified, and pictures at a glance, or download a full asset history report to see all inspections, resolutions, priorities, and service completed in history.

Priorities Visibility

Allows your customers to see all issues identified on their inspections and service and download a report into Excel.

Folder Visibility

Allows your customers to see all open and closed folders (upcoming and completed), go into Folders to see issues identified by job, pictures taken at a glance, or download complete folder reports on their jobs.


Clients can download lists of their assets and priorities, run folder reports, or even access priorities reports just for their account.

Data Integrity

And because your data is safe with InspectAll, permissions settings prevent your clients from changing, deleting, or adding to any data you've collected.

For more information, contact your InspectAll rep.

Learn how to set up a Premium Customer Access Login by clicking here.

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