Portal Administration

Creating a Portal User

Creating a portal user is the same as creating a full user with the one difference of assigning that user to the "Portal" role.

Portal Role

Once the portal feature has been enabled you will see a special "Portal" role when you create a new user.  Simply check the "Portal" role to create this portal user.  Be sure to assign the user to only the "Portal" role.  If the user is given any other role it will use up a full license and will allow that user to log into the main app as well.  Portal users are restricted to only being allowed into the portal app.


Teams limit the accounts the portal user has visibility to.  For this portal user I've already set up a team with the accounts in it that I would like to make available to this portal user.  This will allow my portal user to download any folder done on the accounts inside my "Alpha Portal Accounts" team from within the portal app after they log in.

The portal user will receive an email with their username and password along with login instructions upon clicking "Create User" if that option has been selected:

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