Answer Questions on a Form


How you answer a question will depend on the type of question you are working on. Questions can be answered and edited on the mobileApp or the webApp. A question can be single select, mulit select, text, or signature. While the type of question you are working on may vary, you can add photos, comments, resources, and priorities to every question.

Answer a Question

Mobile Instructions

  1. Tap on the Folder that contains the form you will be working on.
  2. Tap on the Form you will be working in.
  3. Tap on the Question you want to answer, notice the answer options that appear.
  4. Fill in the fields as desired.

Answer a Question Mobile

Web Instructions

Answer a Question or Edit an Answer

You can also answer questions or edit answers on a form from the web.  Just go into the folder, then into the form by clicking on the blue arrow beside it.

From here, you can answer a form just as you would on the mobile.

  1. Click on the question in the form you want to edit.
  2. Fill out the fields as desired.

Edit Response

Add a Photo

  1. Click Add Photos in the top right of the photos area.
  2. Select one or many photos (some browsers restrict selection to only one photo at a time) to upload to the question.
  3. The photo(s) should display within the photo's area if they were successfully uploaded. Click the photo to see a full preview of the photo.

Photo Uploaded

Photo Uploaded

Add or Edit a Photo's Caption

  1. Type the caption beside the photo as desired (500 character limit).

Delete a Photo

  1. Click the delete icon to the right of the photo.
  2. Click OK to confirm you want to delete the photo.

Form Details

In the Form Details section, you can do some additional functions.

  • Move the form to another folder (folder must be in the same account)
  • Add internal notes on the form (won't show up on your form or folder reports, but will show on the web and mobile for the users)
  • Add or change the location or Area
  • Change the Completed date

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