Internal Notes / Quote Module


If you want to add notes to a form or inspection job, but don't want those notes to show up on your customers' reports, there are several options for "Best Practices" to accomplish this.

Quote Module

The first option is the Quote Module. The standard quote module/report can be added to your account at no charge. If you want changes made the to fields, it's a one-time fee of $500. 

The way this feature is designed to work, is to populate up to 3 additional fields (labeled as you see fit) whenever a question on a form is answered with any priority other than "good" or "n/a". The information you input is viewable from within a form on the web, but does not show up on the customer report.

You can also pull a "Quote Worksheet" that will calculate those fields based on the parameters you dictate during customization. To pull the report, go into the folder on the website, click "Download Report" and choose the "Quote Report"



The report that populates will show only questions where a priority was entered, the comments, and whatever values/information you input on those additional fields on the mobile or web.

Form Notes

An alternative option is to utilize your Form Notes to enter internal information. Form notes are found within a form and are labeled "additional notes". Again, this is internal information that does not show up on your customer report.


Internal Notes Form Template

Another option is to create a form template for internal notes that you don't mark "complete". When you download the report, ensure that you don't include forms that aren't marked complete. Further instructions can be found here:

Lastly, you can manage what shows up on a report with the priorities. So you can set your folder type preferences (under Folder Settings on the admin menu) to not show "N/A" priorities and then mark questions you only want to see internally as an "N/A" priority. Then pictures and answers for those questions won't show up on the report. 


Custom Option

Alternatively, if you want to be able to mark the question with any priority, but it not show up on the report, you can have a custom report developed, create a question or questions that are for internal notes, mark them with priorities as you wish, and the custom report will be created to exclude them (it will look for the wording of the question, basically).

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