Manage Follow Ups to Priorities


InspectAll uses priorities to manage follow-ups and resolutions through the Mobile App and the website.  You can use this priority resolution feature in several different ways, or combine these methods to create a follow up process for service and resolution that works best for you. 

Assign Priorities from the Mobile

The best practice is to instruct the field technicians to ASSIGN any question/priority found (that needs a follow up) to the Admin or scheduler.

To do that, they will only need to click on the “Assigned To” option in a question on the mobile, and then select the Admin User Name from the drop down list.

They can also enter details about what needs to be done in the notes section below the “Resolve Due” field.


See Priorities assigned to you on the web or from your mobile device

Once the technician has done a sync on the mobile, the Admin or Scheduler can easily see all outstanding (unresolved) issues that have been assigned to them from the website.  Other users can see issues assigned to them from the mobile with the "My Priorities" feature.  Click here to learn more.

From the web:

Click on the “Priorities” tab

Click on the “Assigned to Me” filter option on the left hand side to filter

Manage Resolutions from the Website

Once the scheduler has filtered the priorities to show only those assigned to them, they can also manage resolution from this same screen.  Just click on the blue “Edit” pencil, and enter in the details.

Click “Resolved” and then “Update Priority,” when done, to move the priority to the “Resolved” tab (and out of the list of items to address).

Manage Resolutions from the Mobile App

You can resolve priorities within a Folder on the Mobile app.  Just tap on the form with Priorities, and go into any questions where priorities have been found.  You can do a FILTER by PRIORITIES first if you want, to get right to the list of questions where a low, medium, or high priority has been marked.

Then check the "Resolve Priority" Box to mark it resolved.  Enter comments about the resolution in the comment box below the date field.


Reschedule a Folder or Form

Also, from this Priorities screen, the scheduler can click on the form, folder, or account name and go right into the desired location to reschedule a folder or see more detail about the issue.

Get Notifications

You can also set up your notification preferences to receive an email whenever a priority is assigned to you.  To do that, click on your name at the top right on the website, and choose “My Profile” from the drop down menu.

Under “My Email Notifications,” click the green “Add Notification” button.

You can then select the frequency of the notifications, and set the parameters.

If you want to get notified only on those priorities that are assigned to you from the mobile, be sure to check that box.

Use a "One Form" option, along with Priority Roll-Over

 Using the recently released Priority Roll over feature, setting up service calls can be done using the same form you use for inspections.  Click the links above for more details.


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