Scheduling a Folder and Add Forms - Mobile

Scheduling a Folder/Adding Forms

From the Mobile App

Step 1 – Add a folder

1.     Tap Folders from the Main Menu.

2.     Tap +Folder

3.     Fill in the New Folder details as desired:

o   Folder ID: If you do not enter a specific ID, we will auto generate one for you.

o   Folder Type: Required, Select the type of folder you'd like to create. (The “What are you doing?”)

o   Account: Required.

o   Location

o   Description

o   Schedule Details: Select a start and end time to schedule your folder. You can also add a note for the person(s) you share the folder with.

o   Share Folder With: Select people to share the folder with. The folder will display in their schedule as well as yours.  Note:  The other users must be on your Team to share the folder.

4.     Tap Create Folder.

NOTE Once a folder has been associated with an account, it cannot be moved to another account or merged with a folder of another account

Step 2 – Add Forms to the folder

Once you have created the folder, you can add your forms.

1.     Tap the Folder in which you want your forms to go.

2.     Click on the green +Form outline

3.     Tap the “Form Type” and pick your class/form from the list

4.     From here, if you have existing assets built, click on the “Select Existing Assets”.  If you have assets in that account, then there will be a number in parentheses beside the “Select Existing Assets” option.  Then just click all the assets you want and click “Done”.

5.     If you don’t have existing assets, from here you can click on  “+Create New Asset”

Enter in the information you know and click “Done” at the top right.  Then you can pick it

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