Schedule a Folder and Add Forms - Web Instructions

Scheduling a Folder and Add Forms

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Step 1 – Add a folder

Add a Folder

Folders allow you to organize all of the forms your users will need to service an account. Folders can hold as many forms as needed to complete a workflow. In addition to organizing, folders can be assigned to multiple users and shared to enable collaboration.

 Web Instructions

1.     Click Folders in the main menu.

2.     Click Add Folder.

3.    Choose Folder Type:  Select the Folder Type for the new Folder. (What you are doing…inspection, service, etc).  Then click “I’m Done”.

4.     Account:  In the next Field, “Account,” search for the Account you want to add the folder to. (Just start typing in the name of the account.  If you haven’t created the account, you will want to do that before creating a folder).  Here’s how to create an account:

5.     Series:  Optionally create the folder as a series. (Use this option for recurring inspections that you want to schedule all at once).

6.     Schedule:  Select the users and the date range for the folder.  The users that you schedule the folder to will automatically see the folder on their mobile app when they login or sync up.  If you have more than one user to schedule the folder to, you can “Add Rows” or even copy an existing row and change the user name.

7.     Click Create Folder.

Step 2 – Add Forms to the folder

Web Instructions

After creating your folder, you will want to add forms to it.  InspectAll supports two types of forms, “Non-Asset Tracking” for things like safety audits, and general observations, and “Asset Tracking” or anything used to inspect a piece of equipment.

1.     From the “Folders” tab, click the little blue arrow to the right of the folder you want to add the form to. 

If you just created the folder, you will already be in the folder, so all you have to do is click on “Add Form”.

2.     Click Add Form.

3.     Choose to Pick Forms or Pick Some Assets to get started.  Remember, “picking forms” is for non-asset tracking.  “Pick some assets” is what you will do if you are using forms that inspect equipment of any kind.

4.     Pick Some Assets:  If you are just getting started, you will need to build your assets as you are selecting your forms.  When you click on “Pick Some Assets”, you will see a blank screen like the one below.

5.     From here, if you already had assets built in, you could select them.  If you don’t have assets, then click on the green +Asset button.

6.     Pick the location or add a new one, and then click on the box to “Choose an Asset Type”.  Pick your asset type from the list that populates and click “I’m Done”.

7.     A list of details (what we call “attributes) will populate.  Fill in the details that you know and click on “Create Asset”.  Now that asset will show up in your list.  From here, you can add more assets by following 5 thru 7.  Or you can just click the asset you just created and click “Next” to choose your forms. *Note:  when you create the asset, it stores the information you enter.  So the next time it will already be in your list!

8.     Choose your forms:  Because you picked your asset first, only forms that apply to that asset will show up in the next screen.  Select the one(s) you want and then click “Create Forms”.

Now, what you’ve done is created a folder, put the customer detail on it, added the assets and forms that you want, and scheduled it to your user(s).

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