10/19/2020 - New Attribute Filter on Web


With the new Attribute Filter on the web, you can now filter out your assets by keywords when adding them to a folder.  This is a great feature to help narrow down your results when scheduling a job for your customer.

Here's how it works:

After creating your folder on the InspectAll website, select the "Add Forms" button within the folder and then "Pick some Assets"

In the next screen, you have multiple filtering options to narrow down the search results for the Account you are viewing.  You can filter by CLASS OF ASSET or ASSET STATUS.  Or if you click on the "Search Assets" button, your additional filter options are ID (which searches for the asset ID1 or ID2), DESCRIPTION (which searches for keywords in your asset description field), the DATE RANGE when the asset was created, if it was created by you, and now the ATTRIBUTE FILTER.  

To use the ATTRIBUTE FILTER, type in the keyword for the filter and hit "Search" to see the results.  This filter will search the words entered in any of your attribute fields for an asset.  For example, if you have an attribute field of "Type" and "Jib Crane" is one of the options, you can type in "jib" to see all the "Jib Crane" results.

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