Update the Schedule


If the dates you want work done on a folder change, you can always go back and edit the schedule. Editing the schedule as changes arise is another way to make sure everyone has all the right resources when they are needed.

Update Schedules

Mobile Instructions

  1. Tap the Folder you want to update the schedule for.
  2. Tap Schedule Details.
  3. Tap Starts to update the start date and time.
  4. Tap Ends to update the end date and time.
  5. Tap Notes to add any additional information about the folder.
  6. Tap Done.
  7. Edit any additional information about the folder, then tap Done.

Update the Schedule Mobile

Web Instructions

Edit Schedule from Calendar:

  1. Click Calendar from the main menu.
  2. Double click on the schedule you want to edit. (Alternatively, you can click the arrow in the top right corner of the scheduled event and select Edit.
  3. The schedule you clicked on will highlight in blue within the list of schedules on the folder.
  4. Change the user, start date and time, end date and time, or note as desired.
  5. Click Save Schedule.

Update the Schedule

Edit Schedule within a Folder:

  1. Navigate to the individual folder from anywhere within the application.
  2. Click on the Schedule tab (with the calendar).
  3. Click on edit icon when hovering over the schedule you want to edit.
  4. Update the user, start time, end time or note as desired.
  5. Click Update Schedule.

Edit a Schedule

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